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Why Choose TMT


We at believe that limitless advancement can become a reality for any passionate business professional. Our company has attracted the industry’s most intelligent and talented minds because of our progressive policy of rapid, merit-based growth. Our supportive and empowering team, along with a comprehensive mentorship-style training program further accelerates advancement. We are fully committed to helping all of our marketing analysts set and reach their goals.



TMT Communications, Inc. guarantees impressive lead generation by developing connections with specific demographics and executing the most practical marketing campaigns. We know that each connection made between business and consumers is essential to creating a more long-term customer.

Being able to create personal relationships with consumers has proven to be more affective long term than billboards or telemarketing. At TMT Communications we make sure to carefully analyzing geographic areas and market trends, we are able to effectively develop the correct marketing plan with the best results.

At TMT Communications we personally train and mentor each of our marketing analysts for the highest level of market strategy. With our in-depth coaching program we are able to use the skills we have personally gained through our experience and exert those values into each project they manage.

Our Team


We thrive on creating a positive work environment in an office that is enjoyable to walk into every day. We truly believe that the success of each employee is what makes our company successful as a whole.


At TMT Communications, inc. we know

quality product is created when powerful minds and strong work ethic come together. The dynamic individuals and their drive within our office create different ideas and draw unique conclusions with one another.

About the President of TMT Communications, Inc. - 


Born in Chicago raised in California, she graduated from Lynwood High School in 2006 and immediately began business in the pawnshop industry. Michelle was in the pawnshop industry for 7 years until she got the opportunity to start her position as a partner and marketing director of TMT Communications, Inc. She attained an entry level position as marketing representative and moved up quickly within the company, getting promoted to management in just 10 months and then marketing director within the 2 months following.


Thanks to the work ethic Michelle was raised with, the help from her husband and the motivation of providing for her two children she has gotten to where she is. She cannot wait to continue to grow her business and open up a few more markets within the next year. 

Goals: To provide the same opportunity that was given to me to my future management partners to help grow our business together. 

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