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New Promotion at TMT Communications!

This past weekend we had a very exciting promotion within our office. Our Senior Account Manager, Briana, was promoted into a management role within the TMT Communications office!

Briana has been such a core leader in our office and truly shown her devotion to constant growth and improvement. From the first day she started with our team, we knew that she would be a great asset to the team. We take pride in our work with our clients and Briana has been a strong leader in protecting our clients’ reputation and helping them reach their sales and marketing goals every single week.

We look forward to watching Briana’s continuous growth with the TMT Communications team as she expands her skillset in this new managerial role. Thank you for all that you do every day, this promotion was well deserved!

Congratulation's Briana on your promotion!

For more information about positions that have opened due to recent promotions, make sure to visit us on our website careers page HERE.

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