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Company Culture and Social Events at TMT Communications!

One of the many ways that we maintain our atmosphere is by supporting social events for our team members outside the office. We have events such as BBQ's, Conferences, Holiday Parties and weekly team nights! We’ve found that by giving our people the chance to develop strong connections with colleagues, they will bring those close personal bonds to work with them every day.

While our approach to customer acquisitions sets us apart, our TMT Communications' culture is what really defines us as a company. It is our community and culture within the office that continues to motivate us and keep us reaching our personal and business goals.

tmt communications inc team in upland ca visiting newport beach

Our managers have been organizing team nights and competitions where we come together to spend time with one another in a relaxed social setting or fun business events. The purpose of this is to get our newest recruits immersed in our company culture. This really helps our team to build connections and group morale. On top of these smaller events in our local area, we have many trips to Newport Beach, CA and Dallas, TX to meet with our clients and learn more about our future in working with them.

We most recently took our annual trip to the Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic where we were able to enjoy an all-inclusive vacation at the Hard Rock Hotel.

Keeping our culture strong and helping our newest team members adjust to it as fast as possible are two of the ways our company maintains such a sharp competitive edge. Make sure to follow us on FACEBOOK to learn more about our past events and what we have coming up.

Interested in working with the TMT Communications Team and hearing about career opportunities? Click HERE and apply!

We also have more information on events on our News page on the blog.

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