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Entry-Level Marketing

TMT Communications is an elite, privately owned and operated marketing firm based in the San Bernardino area. Currently, we are looking to fill a an Entry Level Marketing Position. We are providing hands on, in office training. Each Marketing Representative will be provided a personal marketing coach to work with them throughout the course of the training. No prior experience is required, only the desire to make a difference at our firm and in your own career path.


Job Requirements: Please note, this is a fast- paced training program, therefore, please only apply if these are traits you possess:- Self-motivated individuals- Great Student Mentality (this means being open to feedback and applying the feedback)- Above average work ethic (this is about five years of training condensed into less than a year)- Problem solver- Management/ Leadership skills


We are looking to fill these positions immediately! Please send your resume over to our human resource department for further consideration, if we decide to further pursue a potential preliminary interview, the human resource department will be in contact with you within 72 hours. Please let us know which position that you are interested in and send over any additional information about yourself that may be helpful, as well as an up to date phone number and email.

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